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Graphics that speak

louder than words


​Hi! My name is John Garcia - I also go by Jay - and this is my portfolio. I began doing freelance work in 2003, offering digital services and designs for print. From the start, my goal has been to create innovative imagery not confined to one specific style. The word "odd" has always appealed to me, so I decided to incorporate the word as the cornerstone of my personal brand. Oddio Visuals is both a description of my unique design vision, and a play on the word 'audio', suggesting the idea that graphic design can speak to, or resonate with, the viewers of an image.

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  • Logo / Identity

  • Letterhead + Business Card

  • CD Cover / Album Artwork

  • Flyer + Mailer / Advertisement

  • Display / Banner / Signage

  • T-Shirt Graphic

  • Website + Blog Header

  • Website Buttons + Banners



  • DVD Cover + Inserts

  • Book Cover

  • Digital Illustration

  • Poster

  • Magazine Advertisement

  • Booklet / Brochure

  • Invitation


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About + Contact

by John Garcia

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